January 30th and February 6th, 2018 Meet ups! Cross Country Skiing and Yoga at Sovereign!

Hello everyone!

We had so much fun at our two Tuesday evening meet ups this winter! 

We were lucky enough to snag two of Sovereign's ladies nights and both groups were such a treat!

So much thanks to Sue, our yoga instructor who also joined us on our evening ski lessons. She was such an incredible teacher and I had an amazing time chatting with her. Her yoga sessions were calming but filled with giggles and she was so willing to help the girls on their skis and offer extra tips. 

Our instructor Jill was also absolutely fantastic. She was laughing with us and helping us with all of the basics to make sure we all felt comfortable on the trails and that we were all having a great time throughout our lessons. 

Thank you to the staff at Sovereign as well for handling our big groups with ease and with a great sense of humor too.

We had so much fun hosting our first ever 3 meet ups up there and we will without a doubt, be back next season! 

As for all of the ladies, again constantly blowing my mind with their positive attitudes and willingness to just TRY ANYTHING! I, myself, am a super beginner at xc skiing so to have such fun, supportive ladies cheering eachother on and laughing with eachother is a wonderful feeling. 

Thank you again to all of our evening meet up attendees. It was an absolute blast, even through the ice wind when I forgot my toque.... hahaha. 

Here's some photos to recap our recent winter events! 

- Tia