January 13th, 2018 Meet up! Snowshoeing to the Black Prince Cabin at Sovereign!


Hi everyone! 

We had our first meet up mid January and I've been so caught up and busy with real life I've only just now had the time to reflect and share on the blog about our experience!!

We had a great day up on the mountain, the conditions were fantastic. It wasn't quite a bluebird day but the light was shining through the overcast, we had just been graced with a nice fresh snowfall and it made for a pretty unreal winter wonderland. 

We all set off just shortly after noon and went on much more of a trek than Victoria and I had initially planned! These ladies were so so so eager to keep pushing on and when we saw the trail sign pointing us in the direction of the cabin we all agreed we should continue on. We made it to the cabin for some chatting and enjoyed some well deserved hot cocoa and drinks in the warmth. 

I was so proud of these ladies. We had one woman who had never snowshoed and she was so incredibly enthusiastic and completed this over 5km trek on her FIRST time out there! I was blown away with how positive and interesting each one of these women were and it was a perfect example of what we strive for at Women of the Wilderness.  

Here's some photos from our FIRST EVER meet up!! We can't thank all of our attendees enough for joining us and being such great company. 

To many, many, more adventures throughout 2018. <3

- Tia