New Years Giveaway!

Uhhhh is it already December 29th?!

Well, in THAT case 2018 is approaching SO quickly and I thought I would do a small giveaway of some of my prints and my 2018 calendar! 

2017-12-27 01.12.43 1.jpg

This giveaway features some of my own photography so I thought it would have a nice personal touch. Here's a bit more about what I'm giving away!

2018 Calendar 

2017-12-27 02.24.13 1.jpg

This is my first calendar! In the past year I've really developed a love of photography through adventuring and having my son. Capturing moments is easily one of my favorite things to do so I thought I might as well share some of my favorite photos from this year in a creative way! 

All photos in the calendar were taken by me in BC or Alberta sometime throughout 2017. 

I made sure to have the calendar locally printed at Wayside. They did an incredible job and knowing my work was printed right here in town always ensures I get the quality I strive for! 

You can purchase my calendar  


The Prints 

2017-12-27 02.24.11 1.jpg
2017-12-27 02.24.08 1.jpg

The prints were also both taken this year, one on the trail to BX Falls in Vernon and the other at Cascade Falls near Mabel Lake in Lumby. 

I'm happy to share what I love so much with all of you and I'm so excited to see what 2018 brings to Women of the Wilderness. 

- Tia 

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The winner will be announced January 1st, 2018!