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Expedition #3 Mark Berger Traverse - Twin Lakes to Monashee Lake

  • Cherryville BC Canada (map)

The Mark Berger Traverse is an advanced alpine traverse, covering 27 Kilometers and summiting 7 peaks. We will be starting the hike at Twin Lakes and ending at Monashee Lake, covering the most unbelievably beautiful alpine country. We will be summiting 7 peaks, passing by multiple glacier fed lakes and experiencing the Monashee Mountain Range in the best way possible. Join us in August 2018 for an amazing adventure!

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This expedition will be lead by Victoria Regan and her boyfriend Rory. This expedition is open to men and women, but no dogs or children please due to the extent of this hike.

Difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 27Km
Duration: 4 Days/3 Nights

Day 1:
We will be leaving Lumby bright and early! We have a 2 hour drive to the trail head.  
We plan to be at the trail head by 10pm. The first day we will be hiking to a network of lakes that are up behind Twin Lakes. From the trail head Twin Lakes is 2hrs then another 1-1.5hrs to the lakes where we will be spending the night. When we arrive at the lakes  we will set up camp together and the fun begins! 
Drinks and chats under the stars. Then off to bed for an early start.

Day 2:
Wake up, eat, and go! We will be hiking up and around to Boulder Peak! We will then be traversing over  Neopolitan Knob, Wimpy Peak and Bees Hive Mountain. We will be ending our day below Mt. Severide. Once we reach the base of Mt.Severide we will set up camp and enjoy the beautiful country.

Day 3:
This is our third and hardest day! We will be sumiting Mt.Severide and assending towards Rioulx Lake and Monashee Lake. We will be spending the night at either Rioulx Lake or Monashee lake depending on our engery level and distance this day.This is our last night in the backcountry!

Day 4:
Our last day in the backcountry! We will be leaving from either Rioulx Lake or Monashee Lake. We are hoping to get to the Monashee Lake parking lot by 2pm this day. Once we re-enter civilization we will enjoy some well deserved food and drinks at Lumbys local pub. Celebrating our journey!

Requirements/Other Information:
-Overnight backpacking experience is required for this expedition.
-We recommend coming on at least one or more monthly meet-ups before this trip, so we can get to know you and you can get to know us!
-We will need to park 1-2 vehicles at the end of the traverse (at monashee lake trail head) and then take everyone to the beginning of the traverse (to the twin lakes trail head). Vehicle organization will be required before the expedition.
-There will be scrambling and snow crossings on this hike. (We highly recommend you bring crampons and an ice pick for your safety).