Tia Freebairn - founder 

My name is Tia, I'm 23 years old and from Vernon, BC. I am engaged to the love of my life and we have a little boy named Weston who is currently 14 months old! I run a blog called Our Family in the Woods and it features all of our outdoor activities with our baby! We live an incredibly adventurous lifestyle and strive to inspire others to not only get themselves outside but their kiddos too. I came up with the idea of Women of the Wilderness with Victoria through our passion for the outdoors and for the sake of getting ladies together to create incredible relationships and memories in extraordinary places. In 2018 I will be starting an Environmental Studies program specialising in Resource Management and I hope to bring the knowledge about sustainability I gain from that and tie it into this project as well.  


Victoria Regan - co founder 

My name is Victoria, I am 23 years old and from Lumby, BC.  I am a Dog Trainer and Dog Hiker, and the business owner of Valley Canine Training. I have always loved the outdoors, ever since I was young my mom used to take my sister and I out camping every weekend, all of my best memories are from when I was in the forest, exploring the outdoors. My passion for the outdoors has grown over the years as I became more confident to climb bigger mountains and push myself further into the wilderness. My amazing boyfriend Rory has helped push me and motivate me through our hikes and without him I wouldn't of been able to explore the beautiful places that we've been together. Tia and I came up with the idea “Women of the Wilderness” because we noticed it was so hard to make friends that are interested in the outdoors (especially women). Although I love being in the outdoors I find it hard to find friends that have the same interest in the outdoors as I do. So we decided we would create a group to inspire women to get together to explore, have fun and make memories with!