A taste of... Spring?!?

Hey guys! 

Well after a rough bought of seasonal depression I think these small doses of vitamin D really may be working their magic on me!

You know, honestly I think the winter is beautiful, I really do. The snow sparkles and sticks to everything and we did have a fantastic winter season all in all. Lots of emotional ups and downs and constant stresses thanks to school, toddler and new puppy. All things I subjected myself too, it's funny how we do that, hey? Us human's have a WHOLE lot of faith in ourselves hahaha.

I'll be posting a winter recap blog in the next week or so but today after weeks of nooo motivation to take ourselves outside we we're graced with some seriously beautiful weather. (Which is supposed to last all weekend!) 

One of my favorite spots to enjoy the early first notes of Spring is without a doubt Kalamalka Lake Prov Park. There are so many different trail networks I get surprised with a new view of the lake every time! Today our plan was to head to Cosen's Bay from Juniper Bay but we ended up going about half way and turning back to do a shorter loop. I look forward to a Spring at Kal Park practicing for my races and hiking with my family. <3 

Here are some highlights from our sunny, sparkly hike today!