Cascade Falls Adventure!

Hey guys!

Sooooo I decided to start posting recent blogs and slowly catch up going backwards for now. I get so eager to share what we've been up to and it's hard to focus on all the old posts BUT I will eventually have it all done. 

This past Saturday we decided to check out a waterfall we've been curious about for a while. We tried to reach it back in the Spring but the heavy rain we had caused wash outs and the road was closed so I was pretty excited we could finally go! 

We packed for a quick hike, only the essentials. Hiking bag, happy baby, warm clothes, tim hortons, cheerios and snacks, hiking boots..... ahhhh, the hiking boots. Somehow in the chaos of leaving I had forgotten my boots only to realize half way to our location. This may not have been much of an issue if I hadn't decided to wear socks and sandals for the car ride. 

Lucky for us the trail is only a few kms and I quickly was distracted by the scenery. 

When we left in the morning I wasn't sure if I was going to see any snow or not but we were greeted by a stunning display of fall colors. The leaves have all turned soggy but they still add that pop of color on the forest floor & in this case the creek!

This was such a fun area to explore. 

A typical part of our adventures, lots of bending over and positioning the baby/ making sure he doesn't eat foreign objects. PS. This MEC suit has been AWESOME so far. This specific one is the cocoon bunting! 

Weston absolutely loves water so I knew he'd be a big fan of waterfalls. He's already seen several and is always drawn to the noise and the power they create. 

Can you tell he loves his daddy?

We found huge chunks of quartz near the falls plus dozens of smaller pieces littering the ground. It was a remarkable area. The moss, the moisture and all of the color. I was blown away and could have set up camp for a week there. 

I had to take a few shots of the muddy 4 runner in all those leaves before we took off for the day. We're still waiting on the snow here in town but I look forward to all of the mountain adventures we'll be having where the snow is abundant. 

Can't wait to catch up and share all of our recent adventures with you all! Thanks so much for following along! 


“Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!” 
― Mehmet Murat ildan