Visiting Grandma and Grandpa at Mabel Lake!

Hey guys!

The plan for us this summer was to do a lot of camping but we soon figured out that wasn't really easy on a teeeensy budget and with an infant. Luckily Trav's parents are avid campers so we had lots of opportunity to still get those camping vibes in without freezing our butts off in a too small tent.

Just outside of Vernon is a small town, Lumby. Just outside of Lumby is Mabel Lake! Mable Lake has campsites, cabins, several beaches, hiking trails, a waterfall and loads of fishing opportunity.


We went on a pretty moody afternoon so there was lots of rain it was all cloud cover but Weston still had the best time ever as always.


Our plan was to check out Cascade Falls which are a bit further down the road after you hit the provincial park but the flooding had cashed washouts and we weren't able to drive far enough so we will have to save that for another adventure!

This was a short but sweet rainy little visit but Weston even got to check out the fishing boat and all the gear!


Trav and I even managed to sneak a nice photo of us in which is a rarity.


 Thanks for reading!

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." - John Ruskin