Weston's First BX Falls Adventure!

Hey guys!

We loooove waterfalls and we happen to have a pretty great selection of them in the Okanagan to explore. The closest one to home for us is BX Falls.

BX Falls is a short and easy trail that leads you down to a beautiful basin and waterfall. Although the trail is short it's fairly scenic and offers a more relaxed adventure. I find we always spend much more time at the falls then we do getting to them.

On this trip everything was so vibrantly green and Weston was loving the way the sun was filtering through the cedar leaves and making endless patterns on the forest floor.


Depending on what time of year you go BX falls can be as little as a trickle or it can be roaring so loudly you can hear it soon after you start on the trail. This time it was Spring and we had experienced alotttt of rain which left the falls more powerful than I had ever seen them.   On the way down there are some stairs and it is a steep decent into the basin. Once at the bottom the climb down is forgotten and you're left to take in the wonder of the falls.


It really is a spectacular place and we're so lucky it's only a 15 minute drive away! The whole area is covered in roots and rocks and there's always a nice pool down near the bottom. In the spring when the falls slow down you can carefully climb up the stair like rocks within the falls and explore a whole new world just above them!

We love this spot and come here at least a few times every year! We used this visit as an opportunity to take some snuggly pictures :)


Weston loves rushing water so waterfalls have been quite the hit so far and we managed to visit a good collection of them this year. Here's a few more photos of this adventure..

DCS_3869DCS_3915This photo really captures the immense power the spring run off generated this year in the Okanagan's many waterfalls.


BX Falls is a wonderful spot to check out during any season, so be sure you visit it during all 4, we sure will be! ;) Thanks for reading!


“Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!”  ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Information on BX Falls and Creek