Enjoying the Spring!

Hey guys!

I'm going to make a quick post of mostly photos showing what we did this Spring.


Weston's first time touching the grass, he was pretty grossed out to be honest hahaha. :p


We spent alot of time driving around in the sunshine and stopping along the way to feed my need to take pictures. Vernon's hills absolutely lit up with arrowleaf balsamroot this year thanks to the heavy rain we had. We were treated with wonderful shades of green too which are usually much shorter lived because of the desert like heat we get here.


More fun swinging at local parks and playing with bubbles, SLOWLY getting used to the texture of grass but at this point it's still quite gross to Weston. Perfectly fine with having it in his mouth though!


Spent a sunny morning at Reiswig Park in Kelowna! We had a wonderful Spring and it was the perfect warm up for an incrediiible summer. Thanks for following along!


"In winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move." - Henry Rollins