Cougar Canyon Hike and our First Experience with our Osprey Poco AG Carrier!

Hey guys!

Slowly catching up!! 

So after about 3 or 4 months of hiking Weston was already pushing and pulling when he was in his ergo carrier. I decided we would need something more heavy duty as I really wanted to do more intense hiking this year and we wanted something that could take us a far distance.

After researching for a while I decided on the Osprey Poco. It was the BEST decision we could have made!

We took it on a shorter 3 km hike to try it out and it was excellent. It was the first hike in a while where I didn't have to struggle with Weston at all to stay still and calm in a carrier. He honestly LOVES it. He had a whole new perspective being up above my shoulders and was clearly comfortable.


As for me it was super comfy and his weight was distributed much more evenly. Also it was reaaaally nice to only have to experience my own body heat, not mine in addition to the furnace that is my child. I do have issues now and again with the pressure on my collarbones and shoulders but I think I just need to do a bit of adjusting!

We 100% recommend this carrier if you're looking to get out there on more strenuous hikes but it's amazing even just for shorter walks. It's built incredibly well and although it's one of the more pricey child carriers on the market, it is absolutely worth the value! I think we could really go anywhere with this thing!


By the end of our hike Weston had actually fallen asleep!!! Something he only ever did in the winter on hikes. When he woke up from a nap he seemed quite satisfied with his sweet new ride. :)


As always I will provide a link for information on the Osprey Poco AG Carriers! Thanks so much for reading! :)


"Adventure is worthwhile."


Information on the Osprey Poco AG Carriers