Weston Sees His First Waterfall! Mill Creek Falls Walk!

Hey guys!

I am desperately trying to catch up with all of the blogs but am doing so in the midst of allllll the stressful life situations so it is sloooow going.. 

One of the most wonderful sights this world offers us are the views of waterfalls. I'm not sure what it is about them but something about water cascading down rocks is pretty satisfying. I've felt a pretty significant connection to water my whole life and I've always enjoyed being around it or in it. Even just sitting along side a waterfall is one of the most peaceful actions a human can carry out.

This year we saw an incredible collection of waterfalls and they seem to allllways be a hit with the boogie! He seems so drawn to the noise and the power waterfalls exude and I find he's often just as mesmerised as mom and dad when we are admiring one!

The first waterfall we made it to in the Spring were Mill Creek Falls! Mill Creek offers a relaxed and tranquil forested trail which eventually leads you to a variety of small falls and eventually a larger one near the end of the trail. The trail is quite short so it doesn't take long but if you take your time and really enjoy your surroundings you can easily spend an hour there. Also I can't get enough of Weston in this fox toque!





The water was high all Spring because of all the heavy rain we had. We actually experienced pretty significant flooding in the Okanagan!

Like I said, this trail is quite short but offers a great variety of scenery, plus I find some of my favourite walks are those alongside a creek or river. We actually didn't make it to the set of falls at the end so we will have to go back! I hadn't realized until just now...




The trail is located just outside of Kelowna and truly looks beautiful in any season! Definitely one to add to your list. As always info on the trail will be below! With that, I'm going to end this post....


Well... actually with that. ;) 



"Water is the most perfect traveller because when it travels it becomes the path itself!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

Mill Creek Falls Trail Info: http://www.hikingaddiction.ca/trails/viewtrail.php?trail_id=14