Spring Stroll up Knox Mountain

Hey guys!

So another one of those really strange times we made the decision to bring a stroller up a hiking trail.... another one of those times it proved to be a bad idea. This was the last time we used the stroller on one of our hikes!!

It was a pretty ugly and cloudy day out but I was itching to get out for some fresh air and views. We opted for a drive and hike so set off to Kelowna to hike part of the apex trail on Knox Mountain!

Knox is home to many trails and beaches you can explore. There's hikes that range in difficulty so you can make it a family trip or even a solo to the top. We only managed to walk up to the lower crown lookout. It's pretty crazy when I write these and think about how much my hiking has improved... even just since March/April!

We started uphill and slowly realised that it was quite steep. People were blowing past us, trail running or walking at a much faster pace. We still persevered until we got to the wooden staircase which made it nearly impossible to get to the lookout with the stroller. Luckily, they have a long road that actually goes up the hill along side the trails which is conveniently paved so we went back down to the middle and walked up for a second time but on the road. It ended up being 2x the exercise so that was a benefit but also wasn't really in the plan. Hahaha.

It's nice when you get out as the seasons are transitioning. We had snow on the mountains still but also signs of the very rainy and mucky spring to come. Bleck.

This trip was short and sweet so I'll keep this post short too. I'll provide a link for Knox Mountain Park's website so you all can find the brochure!

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"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

Knox Mountain Park Information: https://www.kelowna.ca/parks-recreation/parks-beaches/parks-beaches-listing/knox-mountain-parkĀ