Early Spring Adventures in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park!

Hi guys!

We live in a city that is surrounded by nature. One of the most abundant sources of that is Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. This one will always be close to the heart for me as I've spent a great deal of time there since I moved to Vernon in 2004. It's home to beaches, forests, cliffs, a waterfall and an incredible network of hiking and mountain biking trails. It's only about 15 minutes away from our apartment and offers such a wide variety of nature we find ourselves there often!

I'll provide you guys with a bit of information about Kalamalka Lake because it is an outstanding lake that really knows how to put on a show throughout the seasons.

Kalamalka Lake changes color depending on the season and here's why...

When the lake warms up in the summer, all of the dissolved limestone crystallises, which gives the lake a distinctive blue and green hue. I am telling you guys this lake looks completely turquoise some days! In the Summer it takes on almost a matte turquoise color which is similar to that of a glacial lake. Once Kal lake cools again, the limestone crystals disappear, which is what takes that green colour away. It leaves it looking much like any other lake in the cooler months. Kalamalka Lake is one of only a few bodies of water that are known as “marl lakes.” Marl is known as (via Google) "an unconsolidated sedimentary rock or soil consisting of clay and lime." It's really cool to live here through every season and really get to witness the effects different temperatures have on this lake. It's also our favourite swimming and paddle boarding spot by far!!

For a while I was taking Weston out in his stroller opposed to a carrier in hopes it would maybe be less difficult and that proved quite wrong. I look back now and wonder how I ever thought a stroller would be more convenient on trails than my ergo... Live and learn am I right? The first time we went down there we actually DID use the ergo hahaha here are some highlights from that trip.


This visit to Kal was quite pretty. The lake was incredibly still so we had a really nice mirror effect which I find is calming when you're on a walk or a hike. Having a lake next to you that's so settled kind of offers you that same confidence.

The next one was more in the name of exercise, I was soooooo determined to lose my baby weight and trudging through the sludgy snow with a jogger and some views sounded like it might be of assistance.

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By the photos I think it's pretty obvious that he slept a majority of the hike. We managed to do 4km or so and that's after months of very little movement. So we definitely were working on getting in shape while at the same time enjoying the outdoors and all the fresh air!

We spend alot of time hanging out around Kal Park so you guys will see lots of different photos of the park in all different seasons.

I'm ending this one here or I'll go on forever and I reeeeally need to get these posts caught up so I can share our newest adventures with you guys! Much more altitude!

"The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world." - Georges Simenon