Getting Out in the Snow!

Hi guys!

So by the time boogie was earthside it was already close to Winter. Like I mentioned in my last blog post, we literally went into hibernation until January I believe hahaha.

We had an extremely cold and sharp Winter last year so when the wind hit your face it was actually pretty painful and with Weston only being a few months old, the new paranoid mom in me had me seeking the solace and warmth of the indoors.

We did manage to squeeze a few short walks and outings in and we were rewarded with beautiful views and even better, alll the bundled up baby pictures.


It was so cold this year that our lakes actually froze to the point where we could go out on them for quite a ways. We've had fairly warmer winters lately so the cold one was a bit of a shock honestly. These were taken at Kin Beach, which is a nice park and stretch of beach on Okanagan Lake. I'm hoping this year we can go back with a sled and have some fun actually playing in the snow now that he's coming up on a year old!

(Also, not sure if I really mentioned, these are all older photos from Weston's first year. I never got on the whole blog thing until I already had taken him on plenty of adventures so this is us just catching up!)

It was pretty cute watching Weston react to not only the cold but how insanely bright winter can be when the sun and the snow are both out!


He really seemed genuinely happy to be out of the house and that got us pretty excited for the warmer weather and the opportunity to do more outdoors.

This outing was followed by a few more weeks of seriously bitter cold so we spent a lot of time in our warm little apartment. Once we had another warmer break, meaning it was only -10 C, we went on a walk along the Okanagan Rail Trail! The Okanagan Rail Trail is a trail that will connect Vernon and Kelowna. I'll provide a link at the bottom for the rail trail's website where you can donate, learn all about the funding efforts, the project, how it benefits not only people but the nature around it and all of the amazing events that are thrown in support! I actually managed to join an event that was in support of the rail trail where me and a bunch of awesome people paddled 16km along the entire length of a local lake, it's actually the one pictured below! I'll post a blog with more details on that as well. :)

Here are some photos from our first time down the rail trail with our lil sweetie. 


We managed to enjoy the colder months despite how freeeezing it got last year. This year our focus is lots of fun in the sled and lots of snowshoeing!! Also, playing in the snooow! Weston's reaction to grass was pretty priceless so I can imagine how it'll be when he actually experiences some snow! Anyways guys, thanks so much for reading and reflecting on the past year with me, there's a lot more to come but I can't wait to be caught up and updating on real time!


"I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter's tough, but spring's coming. I believe that there's a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better." - Steve Southerland


Okanagan Rail Trail Initiative: