Our Baby Moooon to Vancouver Island!

So while I was preggo we still did some moderate adventuring. No crazy hikes but lots of road trips and a few camping trips. My favorite trip of Summer 2016 was by far our trip to the island though!

We decided to head out for a yoga retreat so I could enjoy the yoga a few times a day and relax and so Trav and I could enjoy the free time we were offered and explore some areas on the island. I think back now and wish we ventured more but then again, it just gives us more reason to go back sooner!

We drove down Highway 99 aka the "Duffy." It's one of the most wonderfully scenic roads in BC and also goes by the name Sea to Sky Highway. There are several stops along the way and numerous hiking routes you can take from a mere few hundred metres off the highway. Alllll the photo ops too so if you drive this route make sure to bring the camera!

Pregnancy basically destroyed my motivation to do anything so we did cut a few stops out but we managed to visit Brandywine Falls on the way out there and a couple vibrant green lakes. I'll make a more detailed post in the future about the Sea to Sky Highway and all the things you can see on the way. We will actually be travelling it on September long weekend!


We spent the first night snuggled in town of Squamish which is right on the Howe Sound. Something about Squamish is so alluring. It might be the view of the Stawamus Chief, the starry skies or maybe the smell of the ocean. The whole place has this amazing wilderness tonic that I truly fell in love with while we were there. Our night in Squamish was short because we had to get to the ferry fairly quickly the next morning but then we were on our way!


Once we arrived on the island we started our drive down the Pacific Highway to Chesterman Beach in Tofino and our extended weekend of relaxation could begin.

The drive down the pacific highway is another absolutely beautiful drive that BC offers. I vividly remember one spot on the side that was a swimming hole/river and it was ethereal!! The water was that dark shade of teal that's still clear somehow and the rocks were this beautiful light grey. There were people at it every time we drove by and i don't know why I stifled my urge! Shows how much has changed in a year. The resort we stayed in was just a few metres away from an entrance to Chesterman Beach and we truly had endlessss views oft the ocean. Black rocks, tide pools, jelly fish. It was such a treat.

The main building in the retreat house



A few photos of what our mornings looked like. 

We were treated by a mostly vegetarian menu and extremely healthy, nutritious and local foods. Our yoga instructor was lovely and taught us both meditations and yoga. We had a wonderful time immersing ourselves in that experience even though it was slightly out of our comfort zones.

One of the days I was quite sick cause of baby and we decided to take the day for ourselves and we went down to Englishman River Provincial Park. It was amaaazing! We walked in and were greeted by a wildly unique waterfall. It basically cascades down in multiples streams into one big crevice and seemingly disappears. If you really look while there you can see the bottom and where the water meets the stunning blue pools.





The pools near the lower falls were unreal. I don't think I'd ever actually seen water this color before! I wanted to jump in sooo badly, it looked so cool, clean and refreshing. But I thought maybeee a bit too cool while pregnant. It's definitely on my bucket list to go back to this park and jump right in.

The day before we left we went out to Ucuelet and did some shopping for books and enjoyed a very non-vegetarian hot dog by the beach. We got back later that night and after dinner we decided to go for a drive and we were so lucky to catch a picture perfect west coast sunset. Tofino had to show off before we left and we didn't mind one bit.


On our last day we woke up and did yoga on the beach which was something I will always remember. We met up with friends in Port Alberni and stayed the night at Stamp Falls campground. Our tent was just up the bank from a river so we got to fall asleep to natures own noise machine.





Finally we started on the journey back home and on that journey I was shocked and so so so so overjoyed by a proposal!


Trav and I love to road trip, travel and explore together so a nature themed baby moon was perfect for us. I highly recommend taking time to spend a weekend or a week on a little baby moon. I'll post links for information on the yoga retreat below.  Thanks for reading!


"Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward." Drew Houston


Santosha Yoga Retreats: www.santosha-yoga-retreats.com